Mackenzie Nicol commented 8 days ago Hi

please could you provide some evidence / the website where these retail at $230? I can't see anywhere that they are nearly that expensive.

Louise from GrabOne Store commented 7 days ago Hi there, thanks for your query! The merchant will be online shortly to assist. :)
The from Sales Pitch Ltd commented 7 days ago Hi Mackenzie,
John here. I am the designer and importer of the Zip off collar life jackets. I have copied a link below to the Bartercard sales website showing we sell them there for $230.

As this stock is an end of line product we have closed our website that was dedicated to this product.
We are now specialling them in a number of platforms.

This life jacket is unique in the world as it offers a 2 in 1 option. With the zip off collar, it can be used as a sports vest; and with the collar on added buoyancy for boating.
Thanks John