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There are some Discussion Board Do's and Don'ts you must remember

We're not your mum, but there are some Discussion Board Do's and Don'ts you must remember:

  • DO read the questions other people have already asked and the replies the business have already come back with.
  • DO read the conditions for today's deal properly. The answers to your questions may be hidden away in there somewhere too.
  • DON'T diss the business. If you've had a negative experience with the business in the past, we'd love to help you so instead of leaving a message on the discussion board, either contact the business or us directly. If you post any comments which are considered defamatory about a business, you could find yourself in very hot legal water - ouch!
  • DON'T change the subject. The discussion boards are specifically about today's deal: if you want to discuss Jamie Oliver recipes with a fellow discussion-boarder, Facebook stalk them instead.
  • DON'T post links to other sites. It could have viruses, or contain things that your mother wouldn't want you to see. And also because we can't vouch for the quality or relevancy of the content.

GrabOne Store Mobile is a happy place, so if we think your comments are offensive, defamatory or completely off-topic, we reserve the right to delete them. And if you need a little extra help, contact us or call