Angela Rehm commented 15 days ago Hi i have bought these you say they are washable (it doesn't say this on the instructions).
Do you have to take off Vents??
Donya from GrabOne Store commented 15 days ago Hi Angela, thanks for your discussion board post! The team at GOodThings will be online shortly to assist. Thanks!
Chanda from GoodThings commented 15 days ago Hi Angela, thanks for reaching out. Instructions for wash: Wash with cold water & dry in a cool place. Do not use acid & alkaline cleaners. Thanks
Celina Matila commented 11 days ago Hi there, just wondering how/where we’re able to purchase the replaceable carbon filters for this mask please
Chanda from GoodThings commented 11 days ago Hi,
It’s available on goodthings.co.nz. Also, it should be listed on GrabOne shortly.