Scott O'Brien commented 8 days ago Is there a list of what games are on this
Anna from GrabOne Store commented 7 days ago Hi Scott, thanks for your discussion board post! The team at Shopperdoor will be online shortly to assist. Thanks!
Rony from Shopperdoor commented 3 days ago it has approx 500 games which ncluding Super Mario, Tetris,
Jarrad Berry commented about 6 hours ago I have recently bought one of the. Correct game count is 400-in-1

Mario seems to be about the only legit game i have found. All others are not legitimate copies of games. For instance Street Fighter is some sort of cheap fighting game ive never seen before under the name of street fighter a lot of games are the same games relabeled under a different name.

99% OF GAMES ARE NOT SNES/NES. They are arcade games.
System does work well when paired with cord for TV. However cord is very short and unpractical.
Holly from GrabOne Store commented about 6 hours ago Hi there, sorry to hear about this! Our helpdesk team will be in touch shortly!