Carole-Anne Haines commented 29 days ago Is the content of the fabric 100% cashmere or is it a cashmere blend?
Ben Nathan commented 27 days ago Hi There, Does this have country of origin and fibre content labelling. If so please let us know both.

Emma from GrabOne Store commented 26 days ago Sorry for the delay in getting back to you guys!

The Beauty Closet Team will be online soon to provide some more details for you :)
Peace from The Beauty Closet commented 25 days ago Hi Everyone, these are made in China and are 100% cashmere. Thanks
hik fitzgerald commented 8 days ago Hi, I'm trying to buy two however, postage shows $6 x 2. I thought the deal is the subsequent purchase is $3 for postage? If not, I won't be able to buy two. thanks,
Emma from GrabOne Store commented 6 days ago Hey Hik; just to confirm that the reduced shipping rate is available for purchases of the same option.

If you are grabbing different colours it won't be applied, but if you are choosing the same colour it will :)